Factors contributing to daily hair loss

14 May

Some people get scared when they see their hair falling off when they are combing it or in the bathroom taking a shower. Truth is, this is very normal. Dr. James Marotta, a New York based hair restoration specialist explains that a person can lose on average fifty to a hundred strands of hair per day.

I am going to take you through some of the conditions or situations that can lead to this.First and foremost every day our hair grows. Some people hair grows faster than others. As the growth continues, the weak and old hair tend to fall off to give way for the fresh hair.

Hair is the weakest organ outside our bodies. It can easily detach from the skin. When we are in the bathroom, massaging the hair with soap and water and combing it will most definitely cause some of it to fall off. Some types of hair styles also contribute to the normal daily hair loss.

Tight braids for instance stresses the hair and in fact one can lose even more hair this way.As i mentioned before, losing hair is normal,unless you notice that you are losing more than 150 strands a day then you should immidiately see a doctor.

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